Ethernet Patch Cable CAT6 Cable UTP Slim Booted - Orange - Professional Series - 10Gigabit/Sec Network/Internet Cable, 550MHZ

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Cat.6 Slim Line Ethernet cable is the solution to reduce congestion in high-density Cat.6 Network environments, such as data centers telecommunication and server rooms. With the Cat.6 Slim Line you can fit more cables in the same space, cable diameter is almost half a standard Cat.6 cable which allows cable bundles to be smaller and allows more air flow to prevent the servers from overheating.

* CM UTP PVC Jacket
* RJ45 Connectors on both ends
* 100% Pure copper wire
* 50 Micron Gold plated RJ45 Plug
* RoHS compliant
* Design for networking adapters, Hubs, Switches, Router and Modems
* Wire Gauge 28AWG
* OD 3.6mm (+-)